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Competitive Product details including Prices

How do your product prices compare with the competition?
We automate the collection of website based - public product details including price.

Is your company . . .
- Trying to create a DB/spreadsheet of competitor(s) products and prices?
- Bogged down in slow, error prone, manual copy and paste data collection?
- Desirous to benefit from a regular flow of competitor public-website product data?

Are you a good candidate for an AIS solution?
- A public website(s) exists with product and pricing data you seek.
- Your product quantity is large: 1,000 - 1,000,000 (thousands to millions) items.
- Manual copy and paste sounds painful/absurd due to the large quantity of products.
   (You have tried [or thought about] manual copying and it is too slow and results in too many data errors.)
- Want data to flow regulary (weekly or monthly or quartery or biannual or yearly, etc.) into your internal systems.

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"A client found a category of their prices to be lower than the competition. They modified their prices to increase revenue!"