CUB's Local Phone Cost-cutter
If you're like most people, you're probably paying too much for phone service. But, thanks to a plan negotiated by CUB, consumers in AT&T service areas in Illinois now have new ways to save money.

Most AT&T customers will be able to cut their phone bills by switching to one of the Consumer's Choice plans detailed below or the company's standard per-call rates. In fact, if all AT&T customers switched to the plan that best fits their calling needs, the savings would top $23 million a year.

Check out the Consumer's Choice plans and then use CUB's Local Phone Cost-cutter to see how much you can save on your local phone bills. And, when you're done, check out CUB's money-saving tips for Local-Toll and Long-Distance service, too.

Consumer's Choice Plans
Consumer's Choice BasicConsumer's Choice ExtraConsumer's Choice Plus
Monthly line charge
plus 30 local calls a month
Monthly line charge
plus unlimited local calls
Monthly line charge,
unlimited local calls and
choice of two extra calling features
For customers in:
Downtown Chicago$3.05
Chicago neighborhoods, near suburb$6.03
Rest of Illinois$9.50

Local calls over the 30 allowance are 6 cents per call
For customers in:
Downtown Chicago$ 9.00
Chicago neighborhoods, near suburb$12.00
Rest of Illinois$15.00
For customers in:
Downtown Chicago$16.00
Chicago neighborhoods, near suburb$19.00
Rest of Illinois$19.70
This plan is particulary good for seniors, people on fixed incomes and others who don't make a lot of calls and want affordable, no-frills phone service.If you want the simplicity of unlimited local calling, this plan is your best bet.Even if you choose to buy one or two more extra features, this plan still beats all other flat-rate plans.
Note: These plans only cover LOCAL calls. LOCAL-TOLL and LONG-DISTANCE calls are extra and can be made with a company other than AT&T or with a pre-paid phone card or cell phone. Prices do not include the monthly Federal Access Charge of $4.52, taxes or other surcharges.

AT&T Standard Per-call Rates
Monthly Charges
Line Charge*
$7.76 per monthDowntown Chicago
$10.74 per monthChicago neighborhoods, near suburb
$14.21 per monthRest of Illinois
* On Janunary 3, 2011, AT&T raised line charges for standard rates by $3.
Federal Access Charge$4.52 per month, per line

Usage Charge
0-15 miles
4 cents per call
(capped at $10.11 per month, or 252 calls)

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Standard rates

Take out a recent phone bill to determine what kind of rate plan you're on.

You're on STANDARD RATES if your bill lists a monthly line charge of between $3 and $12.

You're on a PACKAGE if your service has a name like U-Select, Personal Choice, Economy Solutions, etc.