is an innovative diet website with a unique approach to weight management. We at DietMonger believe a diet website should be dynamic, changing and improving with the changing needs of members and be up to date with modern scientific innovations giving our members the value for their money and time spent on the site. That is why we continually research and make the outcomes available to our members. We are result oriented organization that is why we have made all that are necessary for the achievements of your weight goals and targets available on this site. Our unique approach adopt calorie-controlled diet in which there are no restrictions on the kind and type of foods eaten but your total daily calorie intake is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. We believe that two people cannot have exactly the same diet profile and biometric specifications that is the reason we create unique and personalized diet program for individuals; we do not use generalized parameters or indices or figures based on assumptions which is the reason our approach always works successfully with our members because it is person specific. We make use of dietary and exercise therapies in our approach to managing weight loss.The diet sheet specifies the amount of food to be eaten to achieve your weight goal based on your everyday food and your daily activities.We have just created new packages which are suitable for groups,fitness organisations and gyms that support multi-usage platforms which are suitable for gym members to create unlimited diet sheets.It consist of bi-weekly and monthly bundles that ranges in prices of £60 and £100 respectively

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