Diet Monger


This will guide members toward actualising their calorie controlled diet. It will assist in achieving the semi formula diet daily calorific target. The life and blood of the diet program is meeting the specified daily calorific intake accurately that mean not falling below or exceeding the specified daily calorific requirement. This measurement converter will assist members in many and more ways and the benefit of the program will soon become evident
A regular tea Cup is equivalent to a Cup measurement

Unit Conversion
14 Pounds 1 Stone
6.3 Kgs 1 Stone
100 g 105.6ml
1 Tablespoon 3 Teaspoon
2 Tablespoons 1 fluid Oz(fluid Ounce)
A pinch = <1/8 Teaspoon
A dash a few drops
1 pint 2 Cup
1kg 2.2lbs
1 litre 4.2 cups
100g 0.44 cup
1 Cup 8 Oz
2 Tablespoons 1 Fluid Oz
16 Tablespoons 1 Cup
100g 3.52Oz
100g 7 Tablespoons
¼ Cup 60 ml
½ Cup 120ml
½ Oz(Ounce) 14.2g
1 Oz 28.4g
16 Ounces(1 pound) 454g
1 Cup 227g
1 Tablespoon 14.2g
1 Teaspoon 4.7g