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The terms and conditions guide the use of the website by members and established customer relationship with Dietmonger UK Limited. You must accept this terms and conditions to be a member on this site.
Acceptance of registration  and contract completion takes place when you have accepted the terms and conditions

Membership and use of the website:
Membership is free and you will not able to access most of the features on this website without  joining as a member, once you are a member;you are bound by the terms and conditions of the website and this does not affect your statutory right.
Amendment of the terms and conditions will occur from time to time, members are advised to continually reviewed  it once a month. If you continue as a member after an update, it is assumed that you have accepted it and so bound by the new terms and conditions unless you have cancelled your membership.
You must be 18 or over to be a member and the information provided on your registration are correct. In case of any changes to your personal details ,it should be updated on your membership profile page.
We, management of Dietmonger UK Ltd, operator of Dietmonger.com reserve  the right to refused a new customer registration or suspend customer’s account at anytime.
We reserve the right to terminate customer access to some or all of the features  on the website with or without notice.
We reserve the right to discontinue the services or part of it at anytime with or without notice.
We do not offer medical advice, customers are advised to seek medical advice before commencing weight loss or weight management program.
You should not use the site if you are
- insulin dependent diabetic
- Under 18 years
- Kidney problem
-Post surgery of less than 3 months
-Eating disorder patient
-Other medical conditions
We do not accept the responsibility of misuse of this website.  The responsibility is solely with the users

Password and Security:
You are allowed to create your unique and confidential password which is known to you only and also create a username that will be used  as your unique identification by members and staff.
The password is your reserve and should be well protected. The liability of any activities on your membership  page is yours only. If you suspect that your password is been compromised ;please contact  the customer service at customerservice@dietmonger.com or help@dietmonger.com . Any misuse observed  by management can lead to suspension or cancellation of your membership.

Intellectual Property :
Dietmonger.com is fully owned by Diet monger UK Ltd and protected by copyright and intellectual property rights inclusive of its databases,trademarks and features.
As a member,you are allowed to access and displays the content of the website in an electronic format for personal use only and for non commercial purpose.You are not allow to reproduce, copy or distribute, modify or make use of the contents on the website for any commercial purpose without written consent from Dietmonger UK Ltd

There is no membership fees. Members pay as you go on their requested personalised diet sheets using payment available on the internet using Paypal or credit/debit cards.
Payment is done by using Paypal each time members use facility F1, he/she pays per a day diet sheet which include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for a full day. Members pay as you go on their requested personalised diet sheets using PayPal or credit/debit cards.Price is £1.20 for a day diet sheet (1 diet sheet). or using SECURE TRADING payment point for BUNDLES.Price ranges from bi-weekly and monthly bundles of £60 and £100 respectively.
A new diet sheet is required when the composition of food eaten is changed or there is a change in the level of activity or energy expenditure per day .

Payment using credit or debit cards on the website are securely done in a way that your payment details are encrypted to limit the likelihood of unauthorised usage or fraud.

Registration and acceptance of the terms and conditions of this website subject customer to cancellation of their membership and applying for refund of any payment for diet sheet purchased according to Distance Selling Regulations; with the condition that refund is applied within three (3) days of purchase.
[To cancel and apply for refund on purchased payment vouchers, please send an e-mail to cancellations@dietmonger.com;help@dietmonger.com to include your registration details or call Dietmonger UK Ltd on 0044 208 9408055 or 07506678876.]
Customers can cancel their membership at anytime using  appropriate link.

All information and data relating to our members are subject to our Privacy Policy which is  recommended to be read before accepting our term and conditions. We are duly registered with the United Kingdom regulatory body on information usage-information commissioner's office(ICO) thereby complied with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 in managing the information collected from our members.Our Data controller registration number is Z2651011.You can click on the ICO icon at the footers page to read more.

Dietmonger Interactives:
Dietmonger chatrooms and message centre is for the use of registered members for the purpose of  sharing opinions and ideas; for entertainment and education.
Any form of misuse or abuse will not be tolerated; this include the following and more:
-Criminal intent
-Unlawful exchanges of materials
-Advertising or promoting unapproved adverts for goods or services
-Hacking into other  people computers or space or accessories and using copyright materials without consent.
-Users are liable for the content of information on their  pages and submission of materials to Dietmonger.com, grant it free, no hold barred and non exclusive rights to use and distribute the materials therein.

Diet monger’s Responsibility:
Dietmonger UK Ltd provides no guarantee with respect to the use of this website; users bear the responsibility with regard to the use of the internet. The website is linked to some other websites; the content of which Diet monger.com has no control and so cannot accept responsibility for this.
Dietmonger UK Ltd is not responsible for any query arising from the content of Diet monger diet site with respect to this:
-Technical issues resulting from interruptions or errors of Dietmonger.com site
-Unworkability of your software, equipment  or links to the Dietmonger  site
-Dietmonger.com site failing to meet your needs technically or otherwise
-Mistakes arising from Dietmonger.com’ s inaccuracy.
We are not responsible for advertisement or promotion on this website; advertisers  are liable for materials giving to Dietmonger.com with respect to compliance with suitable law and regulations.
The applicable law governing the term and condition of Dietmonger.com website are the laws of England and disputes resolved by English courts only.
Users are responsible for adhering with their respective countries law and regulations governing the usage of this kind of website and therefore solely responsible for compliance with the local laws.

Users are not allowed to transfer their rights under the Diet monger.com website’s terms and conditions.If any section or parts of the terms and conditions is considered to be invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction; this does not affect other section or part of the terms and conditions which shall remain effective.
Dietmonger UK Ltd can use its right at later date other than when the terms and conditions was breached and anybody that is not a party to this terms and conditions do not have the rights under the contract act 1999 to enforce any parts or sections of the terms and conditions.
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