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Request an Estimate for Old Military Records (1775 - 1916)

Use this form to request a free estimate for Consolidated Military Service Records and/or Pension Records from the Revolutionary War to approximately 1916.

Please complete the requested information and submit by clicking on the Request Estimate button. If you do not have a required date or place, please estimate as closely as possible. Remember, your chance of successfully reaching your goal depends upon the amount and accuracy of the information you provide us. Clicking the Request Estimate button submits the information to us; Clicking the Clear Form button, erases any information already provided.

We try to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours. We do not use cookies or other tracking programs and your personal information is not used for any other purposes and is covered by our privacy policy.

We are unable to respond to inquiries without a good E-mail address so please check its accuracy.

For Modern Military Records

If you are the veteran or next of kin and need a certified copy of your DD-214 Discharge, please CLICK HERE.

If you are not the veteran or next of kin and want to request modern-era (1916-present) military service records, CLICK HERE.

For records or services other than military please CLICK HERE.

Request an Estimate for Old Military Records (1775 - 1916)

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Veteran's Information

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Unit(s) in Which They Served (Regiment, Company, etc.)

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Branch of Service
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Places lived after military discharge:
There are two types of early military records: the Compiled Service Record and Military Pension File. The Compiled Service Record is more a historical record of where and when a veteran served and rarely contains genealogical information. It may contain POW information or wounds incurred. The Pension Application File is what most genealogists want. For which records group would you like an estimate?


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