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Request to Obtain Military Awards and Medals

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Please complete the requested information and submit by clicking the Submit Button at the bottom of the form. You must have all of the information requested. To leave this page, use your browser's BACK Button.

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Veteran Information

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Service Number of the veteran:  If service number is unknown, enter "unknown" but you must then enter the veteran's date and place of birth below.
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Do you have a copy of orders, letters of award, or your DD Form 214 showing your awards YES     NO
If yes, please send us a copy
Please list the awards and/or medals you believe you are entitled to and want to obtain. If the awards are not listed on your DD Form 214, do you have other documentation?
What is your purpose in requesting these medals and/or awards?
NOTE: The NPRC will investigate to determine if you have earned the awards and medals you list and whether they have been presented. If the record indicates they were not presented, they are provided without cost. If they were previously presented, or you are requesting replacement or duplicates, you will be issued a procurement authorization to obtain them from an official source. Our fees do not include the purchase price of the medal or award.


After you press Submit Request you will be directed to a page to download the limited Legal Representative Agreement. Federal Law requires us to act as a legal representative on your behalf in this request, and we cannot submit your request until we obtain your signed and dated release.

We have no control over the response time to your application. We guarantee to submit you application as soon as we receive your signed authorization. Response time for the National Personnel Records Centers averages 6-12 weeks. We cannot guarantee a delivery date.

We try to acknowledge all inquiries by email within 48 hours. Please check to be sure you have entered the correct email address. We do not use cookies or other tracking programs and your personal information is not used for any other purpose and is covered by our privacy policy.

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