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Electrostatic — The Filter of the Future

Our ULTRA air conditioner and furnace filters carry an inherent electrostatic charge throughout the air filter, which acts like a magnet, attracting and capturing airborne contaminants.

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ULTRA Electrostatic filters feature 3-stage filtration, including a pre-filter for dust particles and the revolutionary anti-microbial MICRO-CK'R technology for reducing bacteria, mold, fungi and mildew on contact. MICRO-CK'R  is processed directly into the filter material, not just sprayed or coated on the surface.

Best of all, ULTRA Electrostatic Filters are permanent, washable filters that come with a lifetime warranty

ULTRA Features

  • A Permanent Replacement Air Filter

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Help keep Ductwork, Coils and Entire HVAC System Working Efficiently

  • Durable, Effective Polypropylene Con-struction

  • MICRO-CK'R Anti-Microbial Technology processed throughout — not just coated

  • Up to 87.3% Arrestance, Compared to 20% of Some Disposable Air Filters

  • Large 5-Ounce-Plus Dust-Holding Capacity

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Channel Frame

  • 16-Guage Galvanized 1"-Grid Wire Mesh

  • Low .14 Initial Resistance

  • ASHRAE Test 52.1-92

Don't be fooled by electrostatic filters with polyester or foam fills.
These inferior filters can clog or
deteriorate in a relatively short time.
(That's why they often only carry a
5 or 10 year warranty.) Our ULTRA
filters truly are a
permanent replacement air filter
totally constructed of a
fabric, they come
with a lifetime warranty.

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Maintenance of your ULTRA
air filters is easy!
Simply vacuum excess dust and
wash with warm water and a mild
detergent about once a month.
Click here for detailed cleaning

If allergy control is a priority, the
ULTRA Electrostatic
filter is
recommended by physicians
elimination of a host of allergens,
like pet dander, dust, mold and mildew.

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***  SHIPPING INCLUDED in Continental US   ***  SHIPPING INCLUDED in Continental US  *** SHIPPING INCLUDED in Continental US  ***  SHIPPING INCLUDED in Continental US ***

Contact us for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Outside the US.

Please select your filter size with care!
Exchanges are subject to shipping & restocking fees.
(See our Return/Exchange Policy)

ULTRA Electrostatic Filters are Sold Individually

10x24x1 $72.70
10x25x1 $72.70
10x30x1 $73.70
12x12x1 $71.70
12x20x1 $71.72
12x24x1 $73.70
12x25x1 $73.70
12x30x1 $73.70
14x14x1 $72.70
14x16x1 $72.70
14x20x1 $73.70
14x24x1 $73.70
14x25x1 $73.70
14x30x1 $84.51
15x20x1 $73.70
16x16x1 $73.70
16x18x1 $73.70
16x20x1 $73.70
16x24x1 $74.70
16x25x1 $74.70
16x30x1 $84.51
18x18x1 $74.70
18x20x1 $73.70
18x24x1 $82.51
18x25x1 $82.51
18x30x1 $84.51
20x20x1 $73.70
20x24x1 $81.51
20x25x1 $81.51
20x30x1 $84.51
22x22x1 $80.51
24x24x1 $82.51
24x30x1 $91.62
25x25x1 $93.62


Note: All filter sizes are industry standard NOMINAL sizes. Contact us if you require exact filter dimensions.

Don't see your size?
Contact us, and we'll find it for you!

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Return Policy

  • Exchanges Only: Item must be returned within 30 Days

  • Buyer responsible for all shipping costs. Exchanges are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

  • Returns/Exchanges without extra charges will only be accepted due to a defect in material workmanship.

  • All returns will be exchanged with the same model or comparable filter



Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer, ACI, warrants the ULTRA Electrostatic filter for life, under normal use and service in the equipment is was originally installed.

The warranty shall not apply to filters that are damaged or altered in any way.

Filter must be properly maintained per the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

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Manufacturer's Recommended Cleaning

Approximately every 30 days (under normal conditions), vacuum excess dust from the entering side of the airflow. Spray both side of the electrostatic air filter with a mild detergent or a non-acid coil cleaner/degreaser. backwash (from the opposite side vacuumed). Thoroughly rinse with clean water. Shake filter to remove excess water and stand with drain holes down. Filter can be reinstalled damp.

Caution! Car wash sprayers maintain a water pressure that is too high and can damage  your ULTRA Electrostatic filters.

Regular cleaning will restore pressure drop to its original low characteristic.

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6212-A Westgate Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27617
Phone: 919-571-4945      FAX: 919-571-4947

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