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Furnace Filters

Forget everything you know about ordinary replacement filters for your furnace and air conditioner. Healthy Home Filters are unlike any other filter available — these ring panel filters are ten times more effective than ordinary filters, contain absolutely no fiberglass and trap up to 95% of pollen, lint, mold spores, dust and pet dander. And they keep filtering airborne contaminants from your indoor environment for an incredible 100 days.

The unique internal wire frame and self-sealing edge of Healthy Home Filters eliminate collapse-prone cardboard frames and allow for 30% more filter surface area, as well as preventing the dirty-air bypass common in ordinary furnace filters

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  • Eliminate Bacteria & Germs

  • Up to 98.6% Efficient down to
    2 microns

  • 10 Times More Effective than Standard Furnace/Air Conditioner Filters

  • Self-Sealing Frame Eliminates Dirt-Air Bypass

  • 100 Days of Clean Air Under Normal Conditions

  • No Fiberglass to cause Skin,
    Eye or Respiratory Irritation

Unlike fiberglass and cotton that wilt with humidity, the patented fiber construction of Healthy Home Filters is impervious to moisture. And our ring panel filters offer triple the efficiency and service life of fiberglass or poly disposable panel filters.

Healthy Home Filters' revolutionary anti-microbial system not only does not support or feed the growth of bacteria and fungi (unlike
paper-framed filters), the fibers are chemically bonded with an antimicrobial agent that destroys
all microorganisms that come into contact with it
— reducing airborne microorganisms by up to 86.5% in one pass!

Graduated fibers trap large and small particles — up to 95% of pollen, lint, mold, dust & pet dander.

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Exchanges are subject to shipping & restocking fees.
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Healthy Home Filters Are Sold in Packages of 3

8x16x1 $29.87
8x30x1 $29.87
10x10x1 $29.87
10x16x1 $29.87
10x20x1 $26.93
10x24x1 $52.67
10x25x1 $29.87
10x26x1 $29.87
10x30x1 $29.87
12x12x1 $29.87
12x15x1 $29.87
12x16x1 $29.87
12x18x1 $29.87
12x20x1 $26.93
12x24x1 $26.93
12x27x1 $31.25
12x30x1 $33.47
13x20x1 $29.87
14x14x1 $29.87
14x20x1 $26.93
14x24x1 $32.00
14x25x1 $31.79
14x30x1 $36.98
15x20x1 $26.93
15x24x1 $28.10
15x25x1 $32.09
15x30x1 $38.78
16x16x1 $26.93
16x18x1 $26.93
16x20x1 $26.93
16x22x1 $30.20
16x24x1 $31.79
16x25x1 $30.11
16x30x1 $40.58
18x18x1 $31.25
18x20x1 $33.47
18x22x1 $35.60
18x24x1 $33.38
18x25x1 $34.19
18x30x1 $48.12
19x24x1 $39.11
19x27x1 $39.47
20x20x1 $30.11
20x21x1 $33.28
20x22x1 $35.38
20x22-1/4x1 $40.45
20x24x1 $36.38
20x25x1 $37.19
20x30x1 $51.72
20x32x1 $54.12
22x22x1 $43.79
24x24x1 $40.46
24x30x1 $58.86
25x25x1 $42.47

Return Policy

  • Exchanges Only: Item must be returned within 30 Days

  • Buyer responsible for all shipping costs. Exchanges are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

  • Returns/Exchanges without extra charges will only be accepted due to a defect in material workmanship.

  • All returns will be exchanged with the same model or comparable filter



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