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Trion Air Bear® Replacement Filters

Our replacement air filters for the Trion Air Bear®  family of whole-house air purifiers provide higher performance, lower air resistance and more dirt holding capacity than original OEM filters for just pennies more a day over the life of each filter!

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Our air filters are rated MERV 11 in comparison to the lower MERV 8 rating of the original OEM filters —  more efficiency to tackle airborne particles for a cleaner, healthier home environment.

With one of the largest particle holding capacities among residential air purifiers, these air cleaner filters maintain a lower pressure drop: .19/wg, enabling the optimum operation of your heating and cooling system without too restricting air flow.


Why settle for lower-efficiency MERV 8
air filters for your Trion Air Bear whole-
house air cleaner? Breathe easier with our
superior MERV 11 replacement filters!


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Why MERV Matters

MERV Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value — is an industry standard for comparing and rating air filter efficiency.  Home air filters commonly have MERV ratings from 1 to 12. A filter with a higher MERV rating will not only capture more particles, but also smaller particles, which translates to cleaner, healthier indoor air. Typical throwaway fiberglass air filters carry a MERV rating ranging from 1 to 4. Our Trion Air Bear replacement filters feature a high MERV 11 rating.


Features & Benefits

  • MERV 11 rating outperforms the lower standard MERV 8 OEM efficiency.

  • Each filter lasts up to 1 year under normal circumstances.

  • Guaranteed to be designed in accordance to exact dimensions of original OEM filter.

  • 100% Synthetic Kimberly Clark filter media will not support the growth of bacteria, mold, or fungi.

  • Electrostatically charged filter media captures sub-micron airborne allergens.

  • Extended surface pleats maximize dust-holding capacity.

  • Heavy duty frame and corrosive resistant metal web backing.

  • Includes pre-installed foam gasket, eliminating dirty air bypass.

  • Filters dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, microscopic allergens, smoke and smog.

  • Minimizes energy costs — maximizes furnace and air conditioning efficiency by reducing dust and dirt buildup in air ducts and coils.

  • Fiberglass free!

  • Shipments insured at no additional cost.

***  SHIPPING INCLUDED in Continental US   ***  SHIPPING INCLUDED in Continental US  *** SHIPPING INCLUDED in Continental US  ***  SHIPPING INCLUDED in Continental US ***

Contact us for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Outside the US.

Please select your filter size with care!
Exchanges are subject to shipping & restocking fees.
(See our Return/Exchange Policy)

Trion Air Bear Filters are Sold in Packages of 3

20x25x5 $90.99

(19.75" x 24.25" x 4.9375")

20x20x5 $84.67

(19.75" x 20.625" x 4.9375")

16x25x5 $83.26

(15.625" x 24.125" x 4.9375")

16x25x3 $62.51

(15.75" x 24.125" x 2.9375")


**Please Note: Other manufacturers' air cleaners may not accept the same  replacement filters. Always measure your existing air filter for EXACT dimensions.**


Don't see your size?
Contact us, and we'll find it for you!

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Return Policy

  • Exchanges Only: Item must be returned within 30 Days

  • Buyer responsible for all shipping costs. Exchanges are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

  • Returns/Exchanges without extra charges will only be accepted due to a defect in material workmanship.

  • All returns will be exchanged with the same model or comparable filter


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