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Preventing Damage is easy!

This filter is designed to fit any standard central air conditioning unit and keep it from clogging up with outdoor debris. The filter wrap is made in one size only, a 38” x 100”, which is an easy cut-to-fit for any ac unit with a pair of scissors.

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A homeowner’s goal is to have the most efficient system running at the least cost. Just as you keep your indoor coil protected with a filter, protecting your outdoor coil is equally important. Have your coils cleaned first and then protect your AC unit with our wrap around filter for the most effective and efficient filtering. This is the best way to keep your home cool and energy efficient, with your system working less.



  • Fits all outdoor air conditioning units to defend your condenser coils from harmful debris such as dust, pet hair, cotton wood, grass clippings and other particulates

  • UV protected mesh with a cut-to-fit design that simply wraps around unit and is connected by 3 bungee cords (included)

  • Easily cleaned by water or just brush off debris with a broom

  • U/L Classified as to Flammability only

  • 5 Year Warranty

The filter is super easy to install. No system modifications needed, the filter simply wraps around the outside of the air intake grill and is held in place across the rear of the unit by 3-20” bungee cords (included). The filter is made with black high abrasion media that can easily be cut to fit on any outdoor unit. Low .02 in. w.g. resistance to air flow. The unique Wrap-Around A/C Filter will save you money by protecting your system from debris - such as dust, pet hair, cotton wood and grass clippings - that can damage your coils and cause your unit to work harder. The UV protected mesh captures the debris without restricting air flow to the system and helps boosts its efficiency. Cleaning is just as easy as the install. Remove the filter from the unit monthly and rinse with water. Back flushing with a garden hose is recommended. Shake off excess water or dry off and reinstall filter with bungee hooks. The filter can be sprayed with a mild detergent (409) if necessary. Rinse very thoroughly.

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Coil Protection Filters are Sold Individually

38" x 110" $34.66


Note: All filter sizes are industry standard NOMINAL sizes. Contact us if you require exact filter dimensions.

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Return Policy

  • Exchanges Only: Item must be returned within 30 Days

  • Buyer responsible for all shipping costs. Exchanges are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

  • Returns/Exchanges without extra charges will only be accepted due to a defect in material workmanship.

  • All returns will be exchanged with the same model or comparable filter



Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer, ACI, warrants the ULTRA Electrostatic filter for life, under normal use and service in the equipment is was originally installed.

The warranty shall not apply to filters that are damaged or altered in any way.

Filter must be properly maintained per the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

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Manufacturer's Recommended Cleaning

Approximately every 30 days (under normal conditions), vacuum excess dust from the entering side of the airflow. Spray both side of the electrostatic air filter with a mild detergent or a non-acid coil cleaner/degreaser. backwash (from the opposite side vacuumed). Thoroughly rinse with clean water. Shake filter to remove excess water and stand with drain holes down. Filter can be reinstalled damp.

Caution! Car wash sprayers maintain a water pressure that is too high and can damage  your ULTRA Electrostatic filters.

Regular cleaning will restore pressure drop to its original low characteristic.

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