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For Student, Parent, Teacher, and Employee: Now you can have your own digital brain assistant for combine formula and calculator available to you on-demand using your smartphone (voice calculator), tablet, laptop or desktop computer! INVBAT.COM are using Cloud Technology (Cloud technology meaning dynamic data center similar to a cloud that is constantly moving. By using cloud technology your stored knowledge is dynamically duplicated for redundancy, so it is always available to you on demand) to give you tools in a digital 21st century work environment which is focus on problem solving, critical thinking, persistence, leadership, creativity, and collaboration between human and machine with artificial narrow intelligent. There is a new solution to Ebbinghaus forgetting curve hypothesis that states memory retention of newly learned information decline in time. That new solution is using digital brain assistant that helps in knowledge transfer with minimum learning curve and with 98% memory retention. Another benefit that you can get for using digital brain assistant is reinforced learning is now on demand to give you computational speed in order to manage and collaborate with machine.

INVBAT.COM will do the website creation and management of your combine formula and calculator using an encrypted server (https://) indicated by lock button next to the website's address, which means INVBAT.COM website can be trusted and the company running the site has a certificate proving they own it.

Next time when you needed your stored knowledge in the cloud, all you need to do is use your INVBAT.COM search to retrieve your combine formula and calculator using your smartphone (voice calculator), tablet, laptop or desktop computer.