Here are the answers to your questions:


1) Q. We understand that you want us to update your program, DREP, to .NET on the front-end and SQL on the back-end. Is this correct?

   A. Yes, that is correct.  Attached to this email is our 'ASX Environment Specifications and Requirements' document which should give you a little bit more information on our Data Center environment which is the target for the deployment of this new system that you will be building.


2) Q. Why do you want to switch from Access to SQL?

   A. In porting this from a stand-alone application to a web-based solution, from an architectural prospective, it makes more logical sense to migrate the data tier to an enterprise level relational database management system.  This improves the security of the data, the integrity of the data, lends itself to more efficient and effective backups of the data and adds improved transaction logs and backups.

This also improves the scalability and reliability of the system while addressing deployment issues found with the stand alone Access application.


3) Q. What will this update achieve that could not be done before?

   A. This update will make this a more viable as well as security, network and Air Force compliant system.


4) Q. What is wrong with the current system?

   A. There are a couple of issues currently but to give you some examples, first of all, some users are unable to update the database from an external data source that is linked into this system.  The update queries use a very old syntax that appears not to work for all users in all Access 2007 instances.  Next, Access 2007 RTM and SP1 are not compatible.  This means occasionally we get a user complaint because they can't open the application (hence reasoning for going away from Access).


5) Q. What exactly is DREP? What is it tracking?

   A. DREP is the 'Depot Repair Enhancement Process' which is used to analyze and build charts from the data within the system.


6) Q. Will we need to create a web interface?

   A. Yes.  Our (very high level) functional requirement would be for the new system that you will be building to integrate into the web and database platform of our ASX Data Center.  Attached to this email are screen captures from the existing system.  From a user interface requirement standpoint we would probably want the look and feel to be similar to the current system.  However this would be an area that we would like to see some input and creativity from you, the development team, taking into account the end user interaction with the system.


7) Q. What is the overall goal with this project? What end result do you expect?

   A. The overall goal of this project (from our prospective) is to achieve the modernization of an existing application while helping to give you an understanding of the business of software development.  The end results that we would expect would be a quality system delivered on time.  In return for your efforts, we would expect you to gain experience and knowledge in this industry.