To: Albert Schwarzkopf

From: Kristen Johnson for Team 3

Subject: Progress for the Week ending 9-22-08

Date: 9-21-08


Significant Team Accomplishments

This week, our group met to discuss and create the Proposal Presentation that is set for Friday, September 26, 2008 at 1:00 PM at Tinker AFB. We also completed the Statement of Work and turned in an electronic and hard copy. Our group has also been in constant communication with our Tinker contact, Mike Swatek.  Mike attended the group meeting on Sunday, September 21, 2008 from 1:00 PM to 3:15 PM.


Problems Addressed this Week

We were faced with a couple minor problems this week.  Work and school schedules have made things very challenging when it comes to coordinating meeting times. Kristen was unable to attend the meeting with the group to begin the Proposal Presentation due to a work conflict. Unfortunately, scheduling meeting times that everyone can attend will surely continue to be a difficulty. Another minor trouble that we had this week was the pressure of preparing our Proposal Presentation and studying for Exam 1, because they are only two days apart.


Plans for Next Week

Next week, our team will finish up and edit the Proposal Presentation. After practicing for this presentation, we will present it to the client and manager. We will be prepared for any questions or concerns that the client or manager may have. We will also look over the Case Study for Exam 1 and discuss the possible solutions. 


Team Member





Total Project Hours

Joann Brown

Attended group meeting. Contributed to rough draft of project definition report. Participated in discussion and asked clarification questions.



Jonathan Smith

Attended group meeting. Asked questions and discussed technology with Mike Swatek, researched programs, contributed to rough draft of project definition report and drawing the current and proposed system in PowerPoint. Participated in discussion, asked clarification questions.



Kayla Medina

Attended group meeting. Took notes from discussions between team members and Mike Swatek. Started rough draft of project definition report and informed Kristen of progress. Participated in discussion and asked clarification questions.



Kristen Johnson

Turned in electronic and hard copy of the Statement of Work. Created and turned in the Weekly Report.