To: Albert Schwarzkopf

From: Kristen Johnson for Team 3

Subject: Progress for the Week ending 9-8-08

Date: 9-7-08


Significant Team Accomplishments

This week, we turned in the Team Organization Plan and also met with our client for the first time on September 5, 2008 at 1:30 PM. We developed a series of questions to ask our client pertaining to the MS Project Server.  Although the project was changed during the initial meeting, we attained as much information possible with for the new project. The new project was approved and we are awaiting the proper information from the client to begin working towards the solution.


Problems Addressed this Week

We were faced with a problem this week when we went to Tinker for our first visit with our client. When we arrived, we were prepared with multiple questions about the MS Project Server we were assigned to configure. Tinker decided that our time and skill set would be better spent on a different project. They would like us to update one of their existing programs to .NET on the front-end and SQL on the back-end. We were unable to attain all of the necessary information due to the sudden change in projects.


Plans for Next Week

Next week, our team will receive the proper information for the new project. After the information is received, we will begin creating the Statement of Work. We will also be able to start working on the Proposed Presentation.


Team Member





Total Project Hours

Joann Brown

Attended meeting with client and acted as a Lead.



Jonathan Smith

Attended meeting with client and acted as a Lead. Contacted the client and organized the initial meeting. Compiled the appropriate questions for our meeting with the client.



Kayla Medina

Attended meeting with client and acted as a Scribe. Typed the questions we constructed during the class exercise. Constructed a Gantt chart for the Team Organization Plan.



Kristen Johnson

Attended meeting with client and acted as a Host and a Scribe. Turned in electronic and hard copy of the Team Organization Plan. Created and turned in the weekly report.