Issues to discuss and verify with Tinker


1.       In DREP_MAN, there are 2687 records in our VB application that links to SQL Server. The problem is that in the Access file there are only 904 return records to the Charts (1024x768 & 800x600 versions)

2.       Somewhere in the 5_data Query (2687), is the possible source of the problem/confusion located in the MAN DREP access file?

3.       There are 463 records in the MAE version for the same 5_data Query and returns 448 records to the Chart

4.       MAN and MAE seem to process the data differently  (applies to both versions of DREP Problems above and below are the same)

5.       Naming of objects in the Access  Database are non-existent  for many items and it is difficult to understand the meaning and purpose that these objects have or how they are being used

6.       We don't have a clear understanding of where all the data is coming from. is there any way to see that(How and where the textboxes and other objects are being populated)?

7.       We don't know for sure how to create Queries in SQL Server 2005 to help process the data

8.       Access related inconsistencies with our version (Possible query related Joining-etc.)

9.       The results from chart and Problems table are the same (each display 904 records)

10.   The migration seems to have been 100% successful; the MTP_Master has 2687 in the MAN access version and its counterpart in SQL Server 2005.

11.   In the MAN version what does the “problems_table_old” represent, it is not being used in the switchboard buttons, and it is a form that is confusing because there is a “problems_table” that appears to be the same as the”problems_table_old” and this one is in the switchboard buttons.      

a.        In the MAN version of DREP, the form named "problems_table_old" is a copy of the form named  "problems_table".  Many developers have worked with this application over the years, and one of them probably made the copy in order to ensure the original form was not lost.  My guess is that "problems_table_old" was the original table, but the developer found a better or more efficient way to populate the form.

Upon review of the two forms, here's what I do know:  the two forms pull data differently.

Form named "problems_table_old" pulls data directly from the table named "problems_table".

Form named "problems_table" pulls data from a record source generated by the query named "Select Airframe by NIIN".  The query JOINS the problems_table and the MTP_master tables on NIIN.

So, Jack says that "problems_table_old" is not can be deleted.

12.   In the MAE version forms, problems_table2, problems_table3, problems_table4, Sheila chart, One stop additional info form, One stop additional info form2

13.   Target Form is the same as the calculate Monthly Target button, we don’t know what it is being used for

14.   Functions of MAE Administrator Menu buttons

·           Adjust Preferred Nouns and Final Names

·           Edit Cumulative monthly Production Data

·           Calculate Monthly Target

·           Adjust Targets


15.   Which pages contain information is read only? Problems Table??

16.   What pages contain information is read/ write?

17.   How do you capture the color state within the database?