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Bought this ring as a Christmas gift for my husband. He liked it so much he wears it daily instead of his wedding band. Looks brand new no matter what he does to it.
Faye S., Sat Mar 16, 2013
I bought this LOTR ring for two reaons. One was because I liked the look of it very much and was drawn to it. The second was to have a promisary ring for myself and my girlfriend. I now feel it will be my secondary wedding ring when we get married! Love this ring!
Anthony, Sun Mar 03, 2013
I bought a pair of these rings as wedding bands also. They were meant to be temporary until we could afford more traditional gold bands, but we enjoy them so much I think we are just going to stick with them. They are very comfortable rings with a good wieght. They may not have the power to make you invisibile, but god willing make those tempted to hit on either one of us disappear. 11/11/11
Aaron, Mon Nov 28, 2011
This ring is amazing! And such a great deal! I bought this for my husband for Christmas, but decided to give it to him early. He loves it! He never takes it off and now wears it as a wedding band. Thank you for making this our best Christmas!
Jeremiah Johnson, Fri Dec 24, 2010
Spectacular ring!
Jerry J, Tue Dec 14, 2010