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I had a size 13 14MM and just lost it yesterday, the only downfall of tungsten is the inability to size them. Since I have lost 50lbs the ring was not fitting properly, and I lost it yesterday at Canada day festivities in the water. Just went and got re-sized and ordering my replacement. RING NINJA has gotten a tonne of word of mouth from me, keep it up guys.
Steve, Tue Jul 02, 2013
My lady and I were looking for a nice wide and substantial ring for me. We came across this and figured cant lose since money back guarantee. This is one bad ass ring - period, much darker looking (think black chrome) in certain light than the pics show. Totally recommended! A+A+ Thanks RN
jason, Thu Mar 21, 2013
This ring is awesome! I recently got mine in the mail...and I was completely blown away. I have big hands and long fingers, and this ring looks and compliments my hand well! I've received several compliments since I got it. Highly recommend the Ring Ninja to any guy looking for something different, and not your standard, traditional wedding band.
Andray, Wed Feb 20, 2013
My fiance was looking for a very wide 12 or 14 mm wide ring and could not find one in ANY jewelery store. I was so happy to find what he wanted on ring ninja and the prices were better than anywhere else! This ring is great, my fiance loves it (it is exactly what he was looking for). Ring is VERY wide and a "manly" wedding ring.
sara , Thu May 31, 2012
WOW this ring is wide! Looking for a wide band but this one was really wide! Looks great, a little heavier than I expected but still, looks awesome!
John, Mon Jul 18, 2011