Note from the Owner's Daughter:

Hi Guys,

This is Danielle, (the one who is away at college, and yet is on the phone with Bonita
constantly - that's me at the bottom of the Page). So anyway just a quick note to let you all
know my mom, Bonita, has entered the 21st century and now has a Facebook page for
Times 2.
I know, I know, shocking, isn't it? Anyway, as you all know, word of mouth is the best form
of advertisement, so let everyone know that we are now on Facebook. Bonita has promised
me that she will actually use the Times 2 Facebook, unlike her personal one which she
neglects. She will be posting updates for consignors, and customers so make sure you check
it out and also make sure to "Like" it so you can get the updates on your wall.

                                                                                           Here is the link:
                                                           Times 2 Outfitters Facebook
Another thing, coming soon will be a Comment Section,
where consignors and customers will be able to leave
comments or questions for Bonita. This will be linked to the
Facebook account also. So that's pretty much it for now,
head over to the
        Facebook page now and make
                  sure to "Like" it  (:
       Thanks everyone, and remember...

             Sincerely,  Danielle.