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Shipping Charge:

Payment Methods:
Shipping Charge with in the U.S.: $4.50 for 1st DVD
Checks or (International) Money Orders:
$3.00 for 1st VCD

(1) Please fill in item code(s) on CMAOD order form.
(2) Print out the CMAOD order form
(3) Send your order form with your check or money order to:
P.O. Box 320703, San Francisco, CA 94132, and make it payable to Chuk Ching Wang. Please allow 1 week to have the check cleared.

$1.00 for each additional DVD
$0.75 for each additional VCD
International Shipping: Please email CMAOD for quotation
Or Use our International Calculator for your own estimated shipping cost. (3 oz for 1 VCD, 4.5 oz for 1 DVD, 1 Lbs = 16 oz)
Shipping Method: Online Payment:

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US Postal Service Priority Mail or 1st Class mail is the standard shipping method for orders within the U.S.
US Postal Service Airmail or Global Priority Mail  is the standard shipping method for international orders
Express Mail, Surface Mail, & other shipping methods are available upon request.

  Return Policy:
All purchased items can be return within 2 weeks from the date purchased items are received as long as the purchased items are in originally-sealed, saleable condition.

Defective items can be returned in any time. Exchange would be made as soon as we receive the defective items.

Damaged items should be reported within 1 week after the date damaged items are received. Exchange would be made as soon as we receive the damaged items.