Yasser Mostafa Kadah

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

My Updated List of Publications


Updated List of Journal and Conference Publications and patents including full-text can be viewed from this link.


Textbooks Authored / Co-Authored

  1. Yasser Kadah, Novel Reconstruction techniques for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Scholars' Press, Germany, 2015. (ISBN: 978-3-639-76196-2) Amazon Link
  2. Mohammed Almasani and Yasser Kadah, 3D Image Reconstruction Techniques for Cone Beam Computed Tomography, Scholars' Press, Germany, 2015. (ISBN: 978-3-639-76408-6) Amazon Link
  3. Mugahed Al-Antari and Yasser Kadah, Computer-Aided Breast Cancer Diagnosis From Digital Mammograms, Scholars' Press, Germany, 2015. (ISBN: 978-3639763829) Amazon Link
  4. Mohamed Elmanna and Yasser Kadah, Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Digital Mammography , Scholars' Press, Germany, 2015. (ISBN: 978-3639763881) Amazon Link
  5. Meena M. Makary and Yasser M. Kadah, Processing Methodologies For Brain Computer Interface, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2014. (ISBN: 978-3-659-56019-4) Amazon Link
  6. Azza Hassanein, Yasser Kadah, Mohamed Eladawy, Molecular Classification Of Cancer By Gene Expression Monitoring, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2013. (ISBN: 978-3-659-35455-7)  Amazon Link

Educational Resources Co-Authored

  • AAMI, BMET Study Guide: Preparing for Certification and Sharpening Your Skills, Version 2015. AAMI Link
















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