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Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Lecture Series for Download

Lecture series on different topics for Biomedical Engineers  with Arabic audio narration. Feel free to use, share or modify for your own purposes. Lectures here are given in Powerpoint Show format (.PPSX) that can be edited by users. All presentations are also available as video files that can be downloaded from here or viewed at YouTube.

Note 1: Please use a download manager software to allow correct downloading of the large files posted here.

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Biophysics (Course Link)

  1. Chapter 1: Mechanics [MP4]
  2. Chapter 2: Exponential Decay and Growth [MP4]
  3. Chapter 3: Systems of Many Particles [MP4]
  4. Chapter 4: Transport in Infinite Media (Diffusion) [MP4]
  5. Chapter 5: Transport Thourgh Neutral Membranes [MP4]
  6. Chapter 14: Atoms and Light [MP4]
  7. Chapter 15: Interaction of Photons with Matter [MP4]


Signals and Systems  (Course Link)

  1. Chapter 1: Continuous-Time Signals [MP4]
  2. Chapter 2: Continuous-Time Systems [MP4]
  3. Chapter 3: Laplace Transform [MP4]
  4. Chapter 5: Continuous Fourier Transform [MP4]


Digital Signal Processing (undergraduate)  (Course Link)

  1. Chapter 7: Sampling [MP4]
  2. Chapter 8: Discrete-Time Signals and Systems [MP4]
  3. Chapter 9: The Z-Transform [MP4]
  4. Chapter 10: Discrete Fourier Transform [MP4]
  5. Chapter 11: Design of Digital Filters [MP4]


Medical Equipment (Course Link1 Link2 Link3 )

  1. Ultrasound Imaging [MP4]
  2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MP4]
  3. Computed Tomography [MP4]
  4. Nuclear Medicine [MP4]
  5. Hemodialysis [MP4]
  6. Mechanical Ventilators [MP4]


Human Factors Engineering (Course Link)

  1. Chapter 4: General Principles [MP4]
  2. Chapter 5: managing Risk of Use Error [MP4]
  3. Chapter 6: Basic Human Skills and Abilities [MP4]
  4. Chapter 7: Anthropometry and Biomechanics [MP4]
  5. Chapter 8: Environmental Considerations [MP4]
  6. Chapter 10: Signs, Symbols and Markings [MP4]


Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) (Course Link)

  1. Evidence-Based Medicine [MP4]
  2. Diagnostic Performance [MP4]
  3. CAD Overview [MP4]
  4. CAD Feature Extraction [MP4]
  5. CAD Feature Selection [MP4]
  6. CAD Classification [MP4]


Medical Image Reconstruction (Course Link)

  1. Background: Matrix Computations [MP4]
  2. Background: Fourier Optics [MP4]
  3. Image Reconstruction in the Fourier Domain [MP4]
  4. Motion Artifacts [MP4]
  5. Synthetic Aperture Ultrasound Imaging [MP4]
  6. Computed Tomography [MP4]
  7. Superresolution Reconstruction [MP4]


Basic Electronics (Course Link1   Course Link2)

  1. Electronic Components [MP4]
  2. Power Supply Design [MP4]
  3. Multiplexer and Timer [MP4]
  4. Op Amp Applications [MP4]
  5. Analog Filters [MP4]
  6. Sensors [MP4]
  7. Actuators [MP4]


SiLabs 8051 Microcontroller (Course Link1   Course Link2)

  1. SiLabs C8051F020 System Overview [MP4]
  2. 8051 Instruction Set [MP4]
  3. Programming 8051 Using C Language [MP4]
  4. System Clock, Crossbar and GPIO [MP4]
  5. Timer Operation and Programming [MP4]
  6. Interrupts [MP4]
  7. Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) and Comparators [MP4]
  8. Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) [MP4]
  9. Serial Communications [MP4]


STM32 ARM Microcontroller (Course Link1)

  1. STM32 ARM MCU Overview [MP4]
  2. Memory and GPIOs [MP4]
  3. Power Supply, Reset and Clock Control [MP4]
  4. Interrupts and Events [MP4]
  5. General Purpose Timers (TIM2-TIM5) [MP4]
  6. Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) [MP4]
  7. Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) [MP4]
















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