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The Enrichment Teacher's Companion is the preparatory material for the NETA Certification Exam and is the definitive text of the enrichment industry.  In its pages you will find information on effective teaching methods, various job opportunities, classroom management skills, legal liabilities, how to land teaching jobs and much, much more.  This book is a "must have" in the library of every serious enrichment teaching professional.
ISBN 0-9772581-0-6
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Enrichment Teacher's Companion $42.00 ea. S&H $6.82 ea.


The Sample Test for the NETA Certification Exam offers 80 questions which are representative of the actual NETA Certification Exam.  The Sample Test mirrors the format, difficulty level and topic distribution of the real exam, allowing you to determine your level of preparedness.
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Sample Test $19.95 ea. S&H $2.15 ea.

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