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1 The Paperless Hymnal® Products
Volume 1 - 205 songs / $200
Volume 2 - 102 additional songs / $100
Volume 3 - 112 additional songs / $100
Volume 4 - 116 additional songs / $100
Volume 5 - 92 additional songs* / $90*
Volume 6 - 120 additional songs / $100
Volume 7 - 120 additional songs / $100
Volume 8 - 110 additional songs / $100
Volume 9 - 125 additional songs / $100
Volume 10 - 120 additional songs / $100
Volume 11 - 116 additional songs / $100
The Paperless Hymnal Volumes 1-11 - 1338 total songs / $1090.00 - save $100.00

* Hope Publishing Company will not allow us to publish their songs in conventional notation, only in shaped notation. It is an unusual complication. They maintain that the conventional notation edition is a different product, even though it contains the exact songs with the exact same arrangements as the shaped notation edition. As far as we know, they have not taken this position with any song book that is published in both conventional and shaped notation. It took them years before they allowed us to use their songs at all. So to abide with their wishes, we do not include their songs in our conventional notation editions. We think they feel that as long as we publish in shaped notes, our products will remain a niche product but as soon as we publish in conventional notation, we will have a product that be in greater demand. They really don't want to see our form of publication to become popular. No other publisher has made this distinction.

Multi-User Licenses
The Paperless Hymnal® may be loaded onto one PC only. If you intend on loading The Paperless Hymnal® onto more than one PC, you must order additional licenses. These licenses cover all volumes of The Paperless Hymnal® only.
License for 2 or 3 users / $230
License for 4 or 5 users / $430
License for 6 or 7 users / $630
License for 8 or 9 users / $830
For more than 9 users or to increase your number of users, please call or email us for details.

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