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   Dear VR;

I just wanted to say thanks for your professional advice regarding various appliance repairs in my home. Your service is best summed up by my wife's comment re your help forum: "That was the best $12 you ever spent!".

 You made me look good!

 Tim Chambers


    To whom it may concern:

I would like to extend my thanks in the refund of the circuit board I purchased from you. I thought I was just out that money.  It really capped off a truly professional experience from start to finish from your company.  The part was exactly as stated, arrived quickly and now your customer service is outstanding.  Thank you again!

           Brian A.


 Dear V.R.

I am amazed that you guys give such detailed instructions for repair at no cost!  My Whirlpool washer made a terrible noise, and then would not spin out the tub.  I  first called the local appliance repair company, and the minimum estimate would have been  $108, plus parts.  The washer is 10 years old and the cost was not the issue, but the  problem was getting a day scheduled to wait for repairs.  I went online to search for  possible causes, and found your instructions for the motor coupler replacement procedure.  My  husband and I are both telephone splicer/repairmen and have never looked under the cover at a washers parts, but we bought the parts locally (only because we needed them that day), and repaired the washer after working a ten hour day.  That says a lot for your easy to  understand instructions, and drawings.  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience!

The Joyners

  Hi,     I found your site through yahoo search, and saved $450. I can now return the new washer to Sears thanks to your site showing  me how to fix the coupler ($15). I'm no Handyman but with your site (and some time) I feel great that my washer is up and running even though I could not get the pump off the shaft (I just removed the motor with the pump still on). You got my future business. Thanks

Fred H.


I wish you were in Brooklyn NY. The next time I need a part it will be from you . Sears stinks-

$75.00 service call $37.50 for a $12.95 Motor coupler + 8 1/4 tax. You got my business from now on.

ED  Brooklyn NY



 Dear Friends of the Aspiring repairwomen and men:
   My whirlpool dryer broke last night.  It was the belt.  With your superb instructions I
   took the dryer apart, put on a new belt and started drying clothes...all for $17.00.  What
   a great experience.  I am ready to tackle the next appliance project, thanks to you. 
   Keep it coming!    
Sher H.


   I  run a few sites myself and every now and then someone just writes to say they like it, so I thought I would   too! I rarely just say thanks, but Thank you very much for the informative site.



I just wanted to thank you for your site.  I was able (with the help of your site) to figure out a problem with my dryer (broken belt) and
repair it.  Your instructions and diagrams were easy to understand. 


Hi, I found your site thru Yahoo Search, and am I ever glad I did.  Thanks to your helpful suggestions regarding a clothes dryer that heats up but does not dry clothes, I was able to clean out the exhaust hose and the old dryer is as good as new.  You saved me at least $100.00.  Thank you very much - I will recommend your site to all of my friends...

          John F. McLure



Thank you for shipping so quickly.  I also want to take the time to thank you for your website that walks you through a problem.  I checked around and you were by far the cheapest place for parts.  Thanks again.

           Dee Hurst



Thanks, so far so good.  I will not be defeated.  I'm not the best handyman in the world but I am learning.  Thanks again for your help.  I think your business is an exellent idea and is the future for all "do it yourselfer's".  You make me see appliances in a whole different light.  I am coming to you from now on for all my fix it woes.  I have told everyone that I know about the Virtual Repairman.  I hope you make a million.

           Joe Tomasi 


The package was received today and I just finished installing it.
It went easy, just like the instructions on your Web page. I did use a block of wood to hold the motor in place while I lined it up and slid it on. 
If history repeats itself, I'll be ordering this part again. 
Thanks for having a site, easy to find, easy to find clear instructions and just the right parts.

           Bob Miller

Received the parts for our clothes washer agitator on Friday. With your instructions it was easy to have the whole thing up and working within an hour. Even with the exchange to Canadian dollars I saved compared to having a repairman look at the problem then fix it. Thanks and be assured that your site will be the first one checked if any more appliance problems arise.

          V. Ardy

You are the BEST!!!!  Thank you for taking the time to explain this part to me.  I was totally confused since it wasn't in the manual.  Also, let me say how 
exceptional you are in your service.  I emailed no less than 13 different sites trying to find one who could provide some sort of clue.  Some sent totally erroneous 
bits of info which didn't provide me any help.  But, when you mentioned that these pins were used in manufacture, I knew you were right because I remember back to 
when it was installed, the repairman pulled on a tab on the back of the machine which was to release these supports.  He was able to recover only two.
Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me.  I have earmarked your page for future reference.  You are the BEST!

           Jill Callahan

The water valve solved the problem and my wife has relieved me of my dish-washing duty.   Its been awhile since I fixed some appliances.  I am a
retired.   I was the engineering manager of a high tech laser company.  I helped design the first laser system's for the eyes and the heart arteries.
back around 1985.   I also helped design a number of high tech laser systems for NASA.  I was written up in a number of newspapers showing some of my idea's.    In 1957 I designed the remote starter for my 1954 Buick which was written up in the newspapers, during the middle to the later 70's I was written up for my idea's on how to cut back on your home heating oil consumption.  I was able to reduce mine by 40%.  

I designed a one pound television transmitter that had a range of about 15 miles.   This was written up in several publications.  I have copies of these articles and I would be happy to send them to you.   Right now I am working on some automobile safety devices.  I was also a combat vet during the Korean war.  My wife and I are both ham radio operators. I want to thank you for the fast delivery of the water valve.  I love
reading your appliance help forum.  Now I know where to buy my parts.

Irwin Dresner


I donít think I ever took the time to say thanks for all your assistance. With your help, I was able to successfully repair our Maytag washer. It was a good feeling to know that I could do it, but only because of your website did I feel somewhat capable of attempting it. Thank you for your help and informative website!

           Larry Pittman

 I just wanted to thank you all for having such an informative site.  I was on the job today fixing an older Whirlpool washer, but I haven't had too much experience with them.  I was told that it would probably be the Wig-Wag, but when I went and checked it out, I really wasn't sure.  I came home and checked on Google for adivice, and your site had a perfect description of how to diagnose and replace the part.  Saved my day!  Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work!


Trevor Raimann


Hello Repairman,

    Well you did it.  After a couple of home repair projects that involved turning off the electrical main and setting several circuit breakers.  Later I was washing some clothes.  When I went to dry them the dryer would not get hot/warm.  I went on-line found your site and followed your suggestions to eliminate easy fixes.  I reset the circuit breaker several times and that was it.  I did not even have to move the dryer.  WOW, I'm usually not this lucky.  Thanks.

Paul Rancourt


Hi Jim,
Thanks for the excellent service (& price). Ordered it from you on Friday night and had a confirmation email from you by 6am Sat.
Tuesday (Monday was a holiday-Columbus day) I got it. From Austin, Tx to Burbank, Ca -ordered/paid/shipped/rec'd mostly while the banks/govt were closed! Does not get much better than that.

Thanks again & good luck.


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