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The Joint Apprenticeship Committee is offering two types of scholarships to eligible Journey Persons. The first program will offer 10 scholarships for Journey Persons to take Certification programs offered by the International Training Institute. The other program will offer 10 scholarships for Journey Persons to take classes offered at the Apprentice School. The purpose of these programs is to offer Journey Persons training that could help them further their careers. It has been determined that those who need the most assistance are Journey Persons who are unemployed. As a result, these scholarships are being offered to those Journey Persons who are on the Referral Hall list at the time of selection. We encourage applications from Journey Persons even if they are not currently on the Referral Hall list.

ITI Application

JAC Scholarship Application


Helmets to Hardhats meets Local 28


Please read for information on Hazard Communications training.

The International Training Institute(ITI) is providing a free, quickcheck of a welder's certifications. All you need is your IA#.

Nicholas Maldarelli training center

139-20 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, New York
TEL (718) 297-5570 FAX (718) 658-4227

Director of Training / JAC Administrator

Leah Rambo

Labor Trustees

Kevin Connors
Nathaniel Mays
Eric Meslin
Frank Nitto
Salvatore Starace


Randy Buchter
Thomas D’Angelo
Anthony Grande
Al LaBella
James Orlando
Rick Panciroli


Paul Engle
John Jackson
Christopher Nichols
Eugene Wong
Sylvester Wright


Merlyne Beauvoir
Sharon Garnett
Sofia Hernandez
Linda Leccese
Nancy Matias

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